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Monday, June 15, 2009

Recovering from Ankle Surgery

I had ankle surgery on May 1st, after being in pain since November. Things are going slowly, but getting better as days go by.
According to the surgeon, he reconstructed the ligaments and repaired my torn/ruptured peroneal tendon.

I was non weight bearing for a week after surgery and used a kneely walker. Way cool, but was a pain at times. It was much better than crutches and easier than a wheelchair though. I was in a boot for a month, and am now in a brace.

I still have swelling and pain, and very weird feelings popping up now and then. The tingling was the weirdest feeling as the nerves started to come back to life. I can only move my foot up and down so far.

There may be an infection in my incision where it didn't fully close. So, I am back on antibiotics for 10 days.

This was a difficult surgery and it seems like forever to recover~

No mention of PT yet. I am wondering if I will have it?

I'll keep you posted~