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Friday, January 18, 2008

This Day in History

Not much happened today so I thought I would tell you what happened today in History...

This Day in History

Jim Thorpe's Olympic Medals Posthumously Restored (1983)Jim Thorpe, an American Olympian, was considered one of the most versatile athletes in modern sports history. He won Olympic gold medals in the pentathlon and decathlon, but was stripped of his awards after reports surfaced that he had played minor league baseball before participating in the 1912 Olympic Games. At the time, strict rules barred professional athletes from Olympic competition. What loophole enabled Thorpe's supporters to have his medals posthumously restored? More...
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Don't Try to Self Diagnose!

I hate to post about my health, but it's what I am concerned with right now. I have had a pain on my right side (lower abdomen), that turns around to my back on that side. It feels like a knife sticking right threw me. I have had this pain since Christmas. Although, it started as a little pain in my front and a lot of pain in my lower back. It has changed and become worse daily.

I looked on the internet to see if I could find out what it might be. What a mistake! I got everything from appendicitus to kidney stones to colon cancer. I am not sure what it is!

Has anyone else had similar symptoms? If so, please comment and let me know what it is. I am going to call the doctor. I can not take the pain anymore!

Thanks for reading, sorry not so interesting tonight...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I started to read Twilight last night and really didn't want to put it down! American Idol was on, but I couldn't tell you anything about what happened. I was so into this book. Stephanie Meyer writes so that you can picture what she is writing in your mind as you are reading. I took it to school with me today, planning on reading during my break, but alas, I was to busy. So I will pick it up again and hope I can stop to go to sleep.

I suggest you go get this book, and read! Short post this evening. Stay warm you northern folks, we are getting much needed rain here. Til tomorrow...

Peace and Love!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blogging, Reading, Watching American Idol

I don't know if I can accomplish all three! I bought 2 books at Borders tonight. The first one is Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. I have heard nothing but great things about this book! My students want to read it, my friend who teaches High School English has read it already. Her students have read or are reading it now. They turned her on to the series. She said she couldn't put it down! It is books like these that I want to dive right into. The second book I bought was Blogging for Dummies. :)

I am so new to this blogging thing, I want to learn more! I have read so many great blogs and it makes me want to learn to write as well as the one's I have read. So, I am going to do this and read the book making changes along the way. Wish me luck... Any suggestions are always welcome.

The third thing on my list is to watch the awful auditions on American Idol. I don't know why I like this program. Although my voting has diminished quite a bit as each season goes by, I still love to watch. I have no musical talent what so ever and I guess it feels good to see that there are so many people out there who don't either!

Hope your day was great! Pray that my math students do well on their midterm tomorrow! (They need it!)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday and Fond Memories

Today is my sister's 44th Birthday and I send her warm Birthday Wishes today and always.

I get a widget from my iGoogle homepage everyday. Today's Day in History brings back fond memories. I'll explain after the blurb...

This Day in History

"Marilyn Monroe Marries Joe DiMaggio (1954)Monroe married baseball star DiMaggio after a two-year courtship that captivated America. The marriage lasted just 274 days, collapsing amid reports of her infidelity and his violence and jealousy, but the two became close again after Monroe divorced Arthur Miller. When Monroe was found dead in August 1962, it was DiMaggio who claimed her body and arranged her funeral. What did DiMaggio have delivered to Monroe's crypt three times a week for twenty years following her death?" A single rose...

My father volunteered as a Ham Radio Operator at the Orange Bowl Parade every year for many years before he retired and moved. He was the "head honcho" so to speak. His job was to start and stop the parade at times for commercial breaks. He was stationed at the beginning of the Parade every year, where the Grand Marshall's float was. We would go and hang out there and watch the Parade, helping where ever we could.

I got to see many famous people including Jackie Gleason right before he died. But this day in History brings me to memories of my Joe DiMaggio encounter. He was the Grand Marshall for the Parade in 1991. My dad had told me that he was not going to sign any autographs for anyone (contractual agreement with the Orange Bowl committee). Well, you never know, so I went and bought a regulation baseball and a black sharpie hoping for the best.

My mother was in a wheelchair at the time because she had had a stroke that left her paralyzed on the right side and she lost her speech as well. We were right by the Grand Marshall's float as the State Troopers brought Joe DiMaggio out and loaded him in. I had my baseball ready... He smiled at us and I held up the baseball and gave him that please, please, please look. He thought for a few seconds and smiled. He told the Trooper to get the ball from me (even the Sharpie), and he signed it from up top the Grand Marshall's Float! I cried and thanked him. Again he smiled at my mother and me, then waved as the Float took off.

Three people have touched the ball. Me, the Trooper, and Joe DiMaggio. I had an engraved plate made with Joe DiMaggio's name and the date it was signed: 12-31-1991. It is encased in a protective cover on a trophy-like stand. It sits proudly.

My nephew plays baseball and plays very well! He is going to be a great major league player one day. I know I told him about the ball when he was younger, but I guess he didn't remember. He is 14. Well, he saw the ball at my apartment this Christmas and went Bonkers! He couldn't believe what he was seeing. So I told him the story again. Needless to say, he thinks it is cool.

I hope you enjoyed my memories... I know I do! That's all for tonight.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

First day on Blogspot...

I would like to use this blog to post my thoughts and perspectives. I've never kept a diary, so maybe this is a good time to start. I think about a lot of stuff and just never get to say anything. So this is my forum.

Sometimes I may come home from school and write about the funny things my students do, or maybe just about how I feel that day. I may ask questions someone can answer for me, who knows?

Stay tuned!