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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sodom & Gomorrah Rediscovered

My mom and dad are regulars at Panera Bread. They run into people from time to time that strike up conversations with them. (Well, my dad, my mom doesn't speak because of her stroke.) Anyway, the other day, a young man started a conversation with dad about the iphone. The conversation led to the young man telling my dad that he works for a research company and that he was on an expedition that found what they think is the City of Sodom from the Bible.

He even showed my dad a sample of the sulfur balls they found there! Apparently, he keeps it in his car! This young man claimed to have even seen a pillar of salt (maybe Lot's Wife?) My dad was so enthralled with the story that he told me about it.
I googled Sodom, and found the article with photos of this discovery. (click on the title of my post and you will go to the article). I am curious to know if anyone out here has been to this site? Do you have photos to share?


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