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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Botball Workshop

Spent all day at the Educator's Workshop for Botball. If you don't know what Botball is, check out the website,

It is a wonderful program that students in Middle and High School participate in all around the world. I have had a team for the past 9 years or so. Sometimes we do well, and sometimes we don't. One year we won the regional competition beating many High Schools! This year is different. They have included an iCreate in the kit. It is really a Romba without the vacuum elements. Should be interesting.

Here's a photo,

The kids build the robot with the irobot base and program it to do the specific task given. The robot is autonomous and must run its program in 90 seconds to score as many possible points as it can. It must stop after 90 seconds or it is disqualified. It is a tournament in which schools compete against each other. I can not tell you how exciting it is!

Have to go now... Peace and Love!

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