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Monday, February 11, 2008


Went to my doctors appointments today. Took the day off from school. Very disappointed with the Urologist however. He says we may never find out what is going on. I am going for a test on Monday to check out my bladder though. I was just hoping he would tell me something... The other test today... don't know the results yet. Hopefully will know this week sometime.

Now, for the unexpected part. Went to pick my father up at the Car Dealership. He dropped his car off for service. We went into the office and chatted with the guy we buy our cars from, and... I ended up buying a new car! I thought I could get it tonight, but I will have to wait til tomorrow :( It is a 2008 Ford Focus. Beautiful with the Sync in it. I am so excited! What is even better is that I raised my credit score enough in the past 2 years to get an awesome interest rate. One of the best I have ever had! I am very proud of myself!

A lot of excitement for one day. Can't wait til tomorrow to get my car!

Peace and Love!

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