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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Sunday...

I decided not to reinstall XP, but bought a spy sweeper program that caught some cookies and another trojan. Hopefully, that will end my problems. The installer isn't trying to install random things when I start up the laptop now, so that's good.
The only thing left to figure out how to fix is the screen that comes up at the beginning that asks you which XP to start. Any ideas? How do I get rid of the one that doesn't work?

Back to work tomorrow, report cards go home with the kids so I am sure the emails will start coming in for conferences! I love my job! The kids keep me young with what is going on in their lives and the things they enjoy.

One of my Botball members was surprised to learn that I had an airsoft pistol! I told them I wanted to play one day. Really I won't but it would be fun! I really want a wii, but can't afford it right now... maybe when my tax return comes in... who knows? They say it is really good exercise.

I've rambled enough for today, see ya tomorrow!

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