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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Should you charge your doctor?

OK, got up this morning to go to my doctor's appt. Had to be there by 11:00 so I wasn't in a rush. Got a call at 8:45. The doctor had to cancel. Do you think they should be charged like they charge us if we miss an appointment? It would be nice to get a $25 check in the mail with an apology don't you think? I wasn't really upset, I hate to go to this doctor... You know the one... anyway, went to another doctor to find out why I am still in pain from my Kidney infection after being on antibiotics for a week. Left what I needed to leave with them so they could find out if there was still an infection and waited for a call back.

During the wait time I paid a visit to another teacher friend of mine who teaches at a High School on the Beach. She was having her kids do a project about the book that they read using no words. It was very interesting to watch. She brought in some of her scrap booking supplies and it was very cool to watch these big kids go at it. Kids who really don't like to read or have a hard time reading were very engaged in the project. Some of the stuff they did was really good! I met her principal and asked if I could have a job there teaching math. He said, you never know!

I used to teach High School, and miss it dearly. The kids are so great and so interesting at that age. I miss the athletics as well. Someday I will be able to go back. For now, I am fine where I am, in the Middle School. (They are funny as well!)

I am babbling. Anyway, the doctor called back, still have a problem and they referred me to another doctor. I go to him next week. In the meantime, I am taking the pain medication and using the heating pad. Please pray that it is nothing serious. I am kind of scared right now.

LOST starts tonight, can't wait!

I'm gonna sign off now, nite...

PS If you like my new music on the blog, please let me know! Click on it and you can get one for yourself.

Night again...

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Tina said...

Hey, glad you enjoyed watching my darlings work on their projects. I noticed you have someone posting on your blog. Invite her to join pageturners if she would like too.

The book choices are up. check them out