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Monday, January 28, 2008

Where Were You When...

I remember when this happened. I was living in the infirmary in College as a night caregiver at the time. It paid my tuition. And I had my own little apartment upstairs. I was in the living room watching TV when it happened. I couldn't believe my eyes... It was so sad... I think about this today and the lives that were lost that day. I am a teacher, and I can only imagine how the young teacher felt as she got the chance to travel into space, only never knowing she would never return. I am sure she was very proud as were her family, friends and students. I will not forget her or any member of that crew. I hope we never have to witness an event like that again in History.

This Day in History

Space Shuttle Challenger Breaks Apart (1986)Seventy-three seconds into its tenth launch, the Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrated, killing everyone on board. Investigators concluded that a failed O-ring, a rubber seal located in the right booster engine, caused a chain reaction that resulted in the external tank's structural failure and the orbiter's ultimate disintegration. The tragic event was captured on film, and within an hour, more than 75% of Americans had heard news of the disaster. Who was Christa McAuliffe? More...

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Tina said...

Good post Ab! How is you back? Did you vote today? Hope so. I am waiting to see if Ammendment One passed or not. Hope not.