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Monday, January 21, 2008

My First CT Scan

Tried to post with Sheba in my lap... Here's what she looks like...

I went to the Doctor today to see about the pain I have been having since Christmas. He checked me out, told me to go to the Hospital for a Renal CT Scan STAT! Talk about being scared! I went to the outpatient, and they took me right in. Had the scan and was told that I should be hearing from the doctor soon. The doctor told me that I may have kidney stones, or some sort of kidney/bladder infection before I left, so I was anxiously awaiting his call.

After the scan, I called my dad to tell him what the doctor had said and he told me "I have an extra kidney if you need it". That didn't help matters much!

I got a call from the doctor as I was going into Target to get my prescriptions filled. He gave me an antibiotic and some darvaset for pain. (I am in a lot of pain). I was told that I don't have kidney stones, but I have gallstones! What a shocker! He thinks it is just an infection right now, so I have to see if the antibiotics do the trick. I asked him about the gallstones, and he said if you are not showing symptoms, we won't worry about them right now. WHEW!

So, that was my day... Oh, it started raining and I went to turn on the wipers, guess what, they didn't work! Took the car to the dealer, they said I needed a motor. They didn't have any. So, while filling the prescriptions, I got some rainex and put it on the windshield. Hope it works.

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